David asked me to let you know that the beef was absolutely lovely and the chicken legs he bought were the best he had ever eaten!
So I think we will be buying some more next time we come down! Diane
Thanks for your email last week and your notes on liver which made me realise we hadn't had it for so long. I made a great casserole on Saturday with red onion and bacon, my husband and I really enjoyed it. Margaret
The lamb chops and the Romanesco cauliflower were absolutely delicious and I am working my way through the Russets. Pat
What a brilliant farm shop....a real asset to the village. I say DOWN with Tesco and lets shop locally!! I love your apple juice and the liquorice bars with chocolate in ... not to mention the fruit and veg and bread etc, thanks for such a great local service, best wishes
Joy Davies
Hi Sarah, to say that the Mallard that tempted me last Saturday (for Sunday dinner having re-arranged the original menu) proved to be an excellent choice and very tasty. More people should be tempted to be a little adventurous whilst these are in season. We eat game during the season and this makes for another option and we will be having this again. Also spreading the message for you by bringing both a friend and relative to the shop this coming Saturday (the friend has already been treated to a Beef and Ale pie) and hoping to get a day off on Friday to try the fishing on the lake. Best regards.
Alan Burton.
Sara, Been a little busy but meant to get back to you with some feedback on the venison steaks. Both Carol and I thoroughly enjoyed them. They were tender and tasted great ... and good value for money... look forward to purchasing some more when you have them in store. Regards Derek and Carol